Hello there and welcome to Our Fun Fit fam!

This blog is created to help you get started with your fitness journey by providing easy-to-make but tasty and nutritious meal ideas.

Who am I?

I’m Joann, a wife, and a mom.

My fitness journey started in 2016, when I realized that I’m approaching my 30s on being at substantial risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

My grandparents (on both sides) and parents have hypertension. On top of that, I have relatives with diabetes and kidney problems.

The thought of spending a lot on maintenance medications and being on an incessant worry of the complications motivated me to start a healthier lifestyle.

When I started, I first focused on my diet. I slowly weaned myself from highly processed food and introduced more vegetables in my diet. The latter was the most challenging part as I rarely have vegetables for over a decade in my life!

The changes were all worth it. I started feeling better every morning and notice changes on my skin (rarely got breakouts) and weight (I’ve lost over 10 lbs through dietary changes alone).

Once I built the habit of eating better, I slowly got into regular physical activities. I started with about 30 minutes’ walk every morning, then a combination of walking and running. When I was confident enough that my body could handle more, I got into HIIT and strength training.

In the midst of my fitness journey, I met my husband and learned more about nutrition and fitness. Like me, he also has his fair share of ups and downs with fitness and learned a lot along the way.

I moved to the U.S. in 2017, got married and became a mom. This new milestone has become my biggest motivation to continue what I’ve started.

To share what I’ve learned and still learning in fitness and the healthy recipes our family enjoy, I decided to start this blog.

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